Ripsaw for streaming



  • 4K 30 FPS Capture
  • HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Connectivity
  • Straight To Your Stream
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Ultimate visual fidelity awaits with the Razer Ripsaw X—a dedicated capture card that connects your favorite cameras directly to your stream. With up to 4K 30 FPS capture and ultra-low latency for immersive quality, unrivalled performance now comes in a compact form factor.

4K 30FPS Capture

for brilliant video quality
Stream crisp video quality in 1080p 60 FPS or up to 4K 30 FPS with DSLRs, hand-held cameras, and more as you capture every frame for an uncompromised viewing experience.

HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 Connectivity

for zero latency and maximum details
Capture every moment in real-time with lightning-fast HDMI 2.0 input and USB 3.0 connectivity, delivering every frame in smooth and detailed clarity with ultra-low latency for optimal visual fidelity.

Straight To Your Stream

for limitless content creation
Create freely by storing footage directly on your hard drive when recording or connect to popular streaming software to shoot directly to your stream without having to worry about memory card space.

Compatible with Popular Streaming Software

for customizable capture settings
Adjust video resolution and tweak frame rates within your streaming or recording software to elevate the quality of your stream with full control over your content.

Compact Form Factor

for a clean, clutter-free setup
The Razer Ripsaw X’s compact space-saving form factor blends in subtly with the rest of your devices with no compromise to performance, empowering your setup without adding to clutter.

Plug and Play

to kickstart your stream
It connects right out of the box with your preferred devices—simply plug in and start streaming.


Medfølgende ledninger 1 x SuperSpeed USB-kabel
Interface 1 x audio / video - HDMI-indgang - 19 pin HDMI Type A
Tilslutninger 1 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0
Type Streaming
Mærke Razer
Enhedstype Videooptagelsesadapter
Grænsefladetype USB 3.0
Grænsefladetype HDMI-indgang
Video Modes 2160/60p, 1080/120p
Hastighed ved digital videooptagelse 120 frames pr. sekund
Opløsning ved digital videooptagelse 1920 x 1080, 3840 x 2160
Understøttelse af lydindgang Standard

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